Trash pickup will be changing for the Winter.


GFL will start picking up on FRIDAYS as of September18th .

In this coming May we will change back to Saturday pickups.

"The POA email address has been changed from to  Please make a note of this and update your address book to reflect the gmail address as the new way to get in touch with the LBPOA."

The Litchfield Beaches Property Owners Association (LBPOA) serves over 800 property owners on the Waccamaw Neck region of Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Our Charter was approved by The State of South Carolina in 1967, and amended in 1970.  Our stated PURPOSE is: "to promote community development, and the spirit of cooperation among the various property owners in the area, and to have such rights, powers, etc., under any and all laws governing like corporations."  It was further expanded in 1970 "to erect and maintain public works for Litchfield Beach, SC, thereby lessening the burdens of Government; to combat community deterioration."

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Please contact Dee at the LBPOA Office at (843) 237-9722 if you have any questions.  Also should you need By-Law information ask Dee for the current information and she will make sure you get it.