It's The Law


Only insured and licensed drivers are permitted to drive golf carts (this is a SC State and Georgetown County Law).  The speed limit for Cars and Golf Carts is 25 miles/hour in our communities. With a growing number of golf carts in the County, Georgetown County issued a WARNING TO GOLF CART OWNER'S that there are resrestrictions. The driver must have a valid driver's license and show proof of insurance if stopped by a law enforcement officer.  The golf cart must display a permit, available from the the S.C. Dept of Transportation for $5.00.  (Be sure to carry with you the insurance information confirmation and a bill of sale when applying).  With these requirements met, golf carts may be operated on a secondary highway or street within 2 miles of his or her residence during DAYLIGHT HOURS  ONLY.  The Sheriff's Office points out that fines for violations of these laws could be as highas $525.00.  If this law is not observed, the owner will be responsible for all damages / charges.  The Sheriff added, "We want everyone to know and understand the law governing these types of transportation."  For more information, contact the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office at 546-5102 and/or call 546-5101 and report any violation.


Georgetown County Council has passed a law requiring people to clean up after their animals/pets.  The issue is pollution.  It makes a good healthy sense to make our environment clean so others can enjoy it as well.  Clean up up after pets could improve stormwater runoff.  Part of our problem in the Waccamaw Neck particularly, is the bacteria from animal/pet waste.  We are always looking for ways to keep our beaches clean, and having our Beach Box Litter Program is a great reminder for us and tourists to be mindful for animal/pet waste and trash on the beach.  Violators of pet ordinances can be fined not more that $200.00, or given no more that 30 days in jail.  We ask that all of our LBPOA MEMBERS/VISITORS keep the public informed.  To report violations please call 546-5101.


When it comes to recuing someone on the water or saving the life of someone on the beach, every minute counts.  On 8/14/03, Georgetown County shaved precious minutes off the time it takes to respond to problems at our Litchfield Beaches.  Emergency workers now have a way to drive their recue motor vehicle/boats directly to the scene instead of hiking from another access.  The Emergency Ramp is also handicapped-accessible, providing a way to the beach for people who can't get accross the wooden walkways.  It is also easier way to the beach for parents pushing kids in strollers or pulling them along in wagons.  This event is applauded by the Disabilities and Special Needs of Georgetown County.